Adverts on your invoice
After your advert has finished, your used budget will be taken from your next invoice
Written by Adam S-R
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When will I be charged for my advert?

We’ll deduct any used budget from your invoice each week.

How much will I be charged for my advert?

You’ll see a performance report in Restaurant Hub after your advert has finished.

There you’ll see how much of your budget was used on menu views, as well as how many menu views your advert generated in total.

You’ll only be charged for the menu views your advert generated, even if you had budget left over.

Why didn’t I spend all of my budget?

When you create your advert, you set a start and end date. Unless you're using 'weekly budgets'.

We stop running single campaigns on their scheduled end date, even if you still have budget left.

If your advert finishes with money left in your budget, try increasing your cost-per-view next time – this way, your advert is likely to be more prominent in the Featured section and could generate more views.

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