How does it work?

Log in to Restaurant Hub

  • Under ‘Home’ scroll down to see your reviews
  • Click on the ‘Reply’ box for the review you wish to reply to
  • Before writing a reply, make sure you read the below guidelines
  • Click ‘Send’ - and the reply will be sent to your customer via email

We’re always looking for ways to improve our functionality, so if you have further feedback please let us know.

Guidelines for replying to reviews

When you’re replying to a customer, make sure you’re always:


Even though other customers can’t see your reply, it’s important to be polite to your reviewer. If they’re unhappy with your reply they might not want to order from you again.


If you or one of your team made a genuine mistake, apologising in your reply will help the customer feel they’ve been listened to.


Rather than sending a generic reply, addressing the customer’s specific feedback makes the reply feel personal – whether it’s that their portion wasn’t big enough, for example, or their food didn’t taste the way they hoped it would.

We may remove replies which include:

Bad language

We automatically screen out replies which include swear words.

A strongly defensive or angry tone

Even if you feel the customer has been dishonest in their review, accusing them won’t resolve the situation. Always address the feedback in a constructive way.

Encouragement to use another platform

We reserve the right to remove replies that ask the customer to place future orders through another delivery company, or direct, instead of through Deliveroo.


What happens if my reply breaches these guidelines?
All replies are moderated, if there’s a breach of the guidelines your reply won’t be sent. You can check the status of your reply in the review.

My reply wasn’t approved, can I send my reply again?
Yes, you can amend your reply and submit it again. Keep in mind that, once your reply has been sent to the customer you cannot edit it.

Is there a reply character limit?
No, we do believe that addressing the customer’s specific feedback makes the reply feel personal.

Can I change my review response once it has been sent to the customer?
This is not possible.

How many days after receiving a review can I leave a reply?
You have 30 days to respond, we recommend replying as soon as possible after receiving the review, while the experience is still fresh in the mind of the customer.

Can the customer reply to my reply?
No, the customer can only read your reply.

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