You are legally required to make allergen information available to your customers.

It's your responsibility to make sure allergen information on your menu(s) is kept accurate and up-to-date at all times. Read Deliveroo's allergen policy.

Menu Manager gives you a quick, easy way to manage your allergen information.

Add allergen info to menu items on Menu Manager:

  • Log in to Restaurant Hub

  • Click on the 'Menus' page in the sidebar

  • Select a menu

  • Select the item you want to add allergen information for, or add 'New item'

  • In the 'Edit item' window, scroll down to Allergens

  • Select the allergens for that item (you can select more than one)

  • If the item does not contain allergens tick: 'This item contains no known allergens'

  • Click 'Save' and then 'Publish' to update your menu

Tip: It's important to fill in the allergen information for every item - even if it does not contain allergens. Just select 'This item contains no known allergens' for that item.

Add allergen info to menu options:

  • Scroll to the relevant category in your menu

  • Select 'Add options' to view existing options or add new ones

  • Scroll to Allergens in the pop up window

  • Add allergens or tick 'This item has no known allergens'

  • Click 'Save' and 'Publish' to update your menu

How your allergen info will look in app:

  • Allergens in your items will be highlighted to customers in bold under the item description

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