FAQs: Live Orders (Partner Hub)

For restaurants using Deliveroo’s Web app to fulfil orders for the first time

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What happens if I’m on another page of Partner Hub and I receive an order?

You will be notified of your order if you are on another page within Partner hub. You'll still need to go to the Live Orders page to accept the order, so for the best experience we advise remaining on the Live Orders page whenever you can.

More information about Partner Hub

We use sound to alert you when a new order is received and there will also be a visual notification. 


If you’re on the Live Orders page already you will automatically see the new order pop up on your screen. The screen will also start flashing after 1 minute if you have not accepted it yet. 

On top of that, we also offer browser notifications which you can opt in for via the Live Orders page. 

More information about enabling notifications.

Does the Live Orders tab automatically come into the foreground when a new order is received?

No - you will be alerted by sound but you will have to navigate to the Live orders tab in order to accept the order.

What if my sound doesn’t work?

We can't guarantee that the sound will work on every browser. For the best user experience, we recommend using Google Chrome

If your sound isn’t working, you will still receive the visual notifications in your home screen view when these orders come in.

What happens if the browser window is minimised?

You will be notified by sound every few seconds, until you accept or the order will be auto-rejected.

Can I change the sound alert? 

No, it cannot be changed. It sounds every 3 seconds when there is a new order. 

We recommend having volume set to at least 50%.

What happens when I close the browser window?

Never close your browser window without closing your restaurant - using Live Orders, Settings tab first.

Your restaurant will not automatically close if you close the browser, which means more rejected orders. 

Can I use any printer?

As long as you are able to connect your printer to your own device and print other web pages successfully then you should also be able to print your orders. 

Can I accept orders in my online account on any device?

Yes - your online account can be accessed from any device. Some browsers will work better than others and there will be device specific behaviour. 

We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer rather than a mobile phone, to minimise rejections. The best browser to use is Google Chrome

Is accepting orders in my online account compatible with POS integration?

POS (point of sale integration) is available, however there are some important things to note. The Live orders set up is not optimised for POS integration at the moment. 


  1. Auto-accept is not available in the Web app for Live orders, you'll still need to accept each order manually before it transfers to your POS.

  2. POS errors don't appear on the web app yet. If an order fails to transfer to the POS, it won't show up in the Web app.

Who has access to the Live orders view online account?

At the moment, anyone with access to your online account has access to the Live orders tab. 

Can I log in to multiple sites at once to accept orders?

Yes, if your organisation has multiple sites (because you have multiple menus or a virtual brand) you can open each one in separate tabs. 

You can then receive orders for all sites on the same device.

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