How to find Live Orders

To find and accept your Deliveroo orders, click the Live orders tab in the menu and open your restaurant. 

Once open, this is where you’ll see your orders coming in. This will ring a sound on your device, make sure your device volume is at least on 50%.


Tip: Turn off any ‘Sleep’ settings so the screen doesn’t turn off, and you’re alerted when an order comes in.

Opening and closing your restaurant

To receive new orders, you’ll need to open your restaurant every day.

To open or close your restaurant, click on Settings in the Live orders tab,

Then select Open now or Close.  

Enable browser notifications

In order to receive notifications for your new orders, make sure your browser e.g. Chrome is set up to receive browser notifications. 

From the Live orders tab you’ll see a banner which says “Get alerts for new orders”. 

  1. Select ‘Allow notifications’
  2. This will open a popup window on your browser (we recommend Google Chrome
  3. Then select ‘Allow’ 

This will enable you to receive notifications when you leave the browser, but we strongly advise you against leaving the Live Order page when your restaurant is open. 

Using your own riders?

To set your Delivery Times, go to Settings. 

You can decide how long you need to prepare and deliver an order during your quieter, normal or busier times. 

You can edit this time while open or closed. To change this time while your restaurant is open, select Change from the top of the Live orders tab. This allows you to increase or decrease the time you need to prepare and deliver your orders. 

6 things you need to know about orders

1. Accepting orders

When you receive an order, you will have the option to accept or reject it. 

Tip: Orders will be automatically rejected after 10 minutes if you do not accept or reject them. 

2. Printing Orders 

Tip: Orders will not print automatically

Printing Deliveroo orders not only helps your kitchen keep track of incoming orders. The printed slip also helps your staff, and Deliveroo riders to make sure the right food is going to the right place.

  • Use any printer that’s connected to your device to print orders. 
  • Click the Print icon in the order details.

3. Managing your stock

To manage your menu item availability, find Stock levels in the Live orders tab. You can mark items as in stock, ‘sold out for today’ or off the menu.  

4. Rejecting orders

If you need to reject an order, you’ll be asked to select a reason why so we can inform the customer. 

5. Useful tips to successfully use the Deliveroo Web app

  • Keep the Live Orders tab open on your computer to see incoming and active orders
  • Set the volume of your laptop or tablet to at least 50%, to avoid missing incoming orders
  • Always remember turn your restaurant to Open Now on the Live Orders tab to ensure customer can find you

6. How to set up and receive Deliveroo orders

After you receive your email invite, Log in to Restaurant Hub and create your password. 

You access your account via Restaurant Hub on your device. 

We recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience and bookmarking this in your browser.

More information about Restaurant Hub

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