Changes to pick up times

We’re making pickup times more accurate so riders don’t arrive too early

Written by Ash H
Updated over a week ago

We know it causes problems when a rider arrives before the order is ready.

So from today, we’re making pickup times more accurate – so you can always trust the rider will arrive exactly when the food’s ready.

And with shorter waiting time for riders, we’ll reduce the chance of late orders for your customers. 

Always make the order as soon as you receive it.

Instead of sending an order to you as soon as the customer checks out, we’ll send the order only when it’s time to start making it. 

That way, we can dispatch riders to you at the right moment. 

These changes aim to make Deliveroo fit in better with your normal workflow. Without having to calculate when to start each order, there’s less to think about when you’re running the kitchen.

Restaurant FAQs

Riders are still arriving too early, what should I do?

Don't worry. Keep making orders as soon as they come in and we’ll quickly learn exactly when to send riders to you. Our new algorithm needs time to learn. 

If you wait before you start making the order, you might be causing inaccuracies that make it harder for us to get the timing right. 

What if I can’t accept the order?

Don’t worry. We’ll let the customer know, as normal. Always try to accept or reject orders as soon as they come in – if you don’t respond quickly, there’s a higher chance the rider will be early and customers will be left disappointed.

Will I still have enough time to make the order?

You’ll have the same prep time you had before. Your prep time is based on the estimate you gave us when you joined Deliveroo, along with how fast you usually make your orders.

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