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How to manage Pickup orders
How to manage Pickup orders

A guide for Pickup order fulfilment

Written by Ash H
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We've recently launched our new Pickup service. 

Before your restaurant can start accepting Pickup orders we need you to set up your Pickup menu, instructions and process any signage requests. Read more about getting ready for Pickup in this article. 

Once you're ready to start Pickup, this article will help you learn how to manage Pickup orders alongside delivery, to make sure your customers have the best Pickup experience. 

Receiving a new Pickup order

New Pickup orders let you know when the customer will be picking up the order, by displaying their name and a pick up time. 

You can accept or reject orders as you would with delivery orders. 

Preparing a Pickup order

Pickup orders are shown alongside delivery orders on your tablet and clearly marked with a customer icon and Pickup customer name. 

Instead of just an order number, printed tickets also display the name of the Pickup customer at the top. This helps you to tell the difference between orders from delivery and orders from Pickup. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the same address be used to direct the customer to my restaurant? Yes. You will also be able to add instructions for customers which are specific to your restaurant

How are customer complaints handled? If a customer complains in store, it’s best if their complaint is dealt with directly by in-store staff. If the the customer requires a refund, call Restaurant Support or ask the customer to request a refund using the self-serve flow in their app. If customers have a problem after they leave the store, they can contact Deliveroo to resolve their issue. Look up your country's contact details here.

Will I pay for refunds? In some cases, you may be required to pay for a refund e.g. incorrect or missing items. If you notice an issue in-store, please handle it directly with the customer before they leave the restaurant. If the issue is not addressed in-store, we will process refunds for Collection in the same way as for Delivery.

What if a customer is running late and food has to be remade? You can hold the food for 30 minutes past the collection time, just in case the customer is running late. After 30 minutes, you may dispose of the food. You'll still be paid the full amount when you accept and prepare the order, even if the customer does not pick up the food.

Will my delivery menu be used for Collection? Yes, for launch we will use the same menu for delivery and collection.  

Can I offer different items or prices on my Collection menu? Initially, we will be offering customers the same menu for delivery and collection. We are working towards the ability to offer different items and prices on menus before we launch to the public. 

Can I run Marketer offers for Collection? Yes. You can run a Marketer offer on your Deliveroo menu which will apply to both Delivery and Collection. We’re exploring the possibility of running Collection-specific offers.

Will I be able to turn off Collection? Yes, however for launch you will have to contact your Account Manager or Partner Services to do this. It won’t be possible to do this via the app.

How will Collection orders affect my pay statements? Collection orders will be clearly flagged separately from Delivery orders in your invoices.

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