Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out a fresh new look to the order management app. These design improvements will make it easier to manage orders, your menu and settings.

There are 3 key changes: 

For Restaurants that use Deliveroo's riders, Busy Mode now appears on the left hand side and is orange when turned on. The Navigation menu is now in the top right 

  1. Busy mode is now in the top left 

  2. Completed order list 

  3. Navigation is now in the top right 

  4. If you’re closed, a banner is displayed on the bottom

For restaurants that deliver their own orders, busy settings can be found in the drop down menu on the left hand side.

The countdown to the rider’s arrival is more accurate, updating every few minutes based on the rider’s location.  

  1. Active orders now display a more accurate rider arrival time that updates in real-time based on the riders location.

  2. Tap an order on the right to see the Order details. 

Instead of one long menu, we’ve introduced sections to help you quickly navigate your menu. We’ve also made it easier to see which items are available by highlighting items that are in stock in green and out of stock in red.  

  1. Browse your menu by category.

  2. Unavailable items appear in red.

  3. Items that are unavailable today appear in orange.

  4. Available items appear in green.

We’d love to know if you like this fresh new look, so leave us feedback:

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