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How to give yourself more time to prepare food with 'Busy mode'
How to give yourself more time to prepare food with 'Busy mode'

Learn more about 'Busy mode' and when you should and shouldn't use it

Written by Ash H
Updated over a week ago

You've told us how tough it can be in the kitchen to prepare orders when they’re really piling up. That's why we’ve built a ‘Busy mode’ switch for moments when your kitchen is under extreme pressure.

When you use 'Busy mode' you can tell us the minimum time you need before a rider arrives for any new orders.

It's important to only use 'Busy mode' when you really need it. Using 'Busy mode' too often can affect your prep times. Here's when you should and shouldn't use 'Busy mode'.

When you should use ‘Busy mode’

You should only use ‘Busy mode’ when you are much more busy than normal for the time of week. Good examples are:

  • Staff shortages

  • Equipment break down

  • Order surges you can’t handle e.g. due to a sports match

When ‘Busy mode’ is switched on, we won’t send any new orders to you without giving you at least the minimum time you have asked for.

Always remember to switch off 'Busy mode' once you’re back to normal.

When you should avoid using ‘Busy mode’

Don’t use ‘Busy mode’ for regular busyness such as during a normal Friday evening rush.

When you regularly use ‘Busy mode’, our model cannot learn how much time you need to prepare orders. This will make your prep times less accurate in future.

Switching on ‘Busy mode’ may also move you down the restaurant list on the app, because your orders will take longer to reach customers. So be sure to switch it off again once you’re back on track.

How do I switch ‘Busy mode’ on and off?

Step 1 - Tap the switch at the top of your tablet to switch ‘Busy mode’ on.

Step 2 - Tell us how much time you need. If you set ‘Busy mode’ to 25 minutes, we'll wait at least that long before sending a rider to collect any new orders.

Step 3 - When you're back on track, tap the switch at the top of your tablet to turn 'Busy mode' off again.

I've just switched on 'Busy mode' but it isn't working

Occasionally, you may receive orders with shorter prep times even after turning on 'Busy mode'. This is likely because they were placed right before you switched on ‘Busy mode’. Any new orders will use the longer prep time you have set in ‘Busy mode’.

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