This article should walk you through everything you need to know about accepting and preparing orders for Deliveroo customers. We’ll also explain some of the information you’ll see on your tablet and printed order tickets.

Your tablet

  1. Navigation
  2. Orders in progress
  3. Order details
  4. Completed orders

When you get an order 

When you get a new order, the tablet will ping and a window will pop up with the new order details. From here you can adjust the time if you need to – this should be the time you need to prepare and deliver the order. This will let the customer know when they can expect their order to arrive.

  1. Deliver-by time
  2. Adjust time
  3. Customer details
  4. Order details
  5. Reject the order 
  6. Accept the order

If you need to reject an order for any reason, press ‘Unable to make order’ and let us know why when we ask. We’ll automatically reject orders if you don’t accept within 10 minutes. 

Some tips for preventing order rejections:

  • If ingredient become unavailable, make affected menu items unavailable in the tablet from the menu
  • If you’re closing early, make sure your opening times are correct
  • If you’re too busy, set yourself as busy to help control order volume 

After you accept an order

The order will go to the order list on the left-hand side of the tablet. You can tap it at any time to see details of the order. You’ll see a countdown here which shows you how long you have left to get the customer their order. 

Double check the allergy information when packing the order and look out for the ‘Cash on delivery’ tag. This means the order hasn’t been paid for and your driver needs to collect money from the customer.

Remember to mark the order as out for delivery when your driver has left the restaurant so we can let the customer know.

  1. Orders in progress
  2. Delivery time
  3. Cash on delivery 
  4. Deliver-by time
  5. Allergy information 
  6. Out for delivery

If an order is late the timer will tell you how late and start pulsing.


Your printed ticket

Your printed ticket covers all the order information and the customer’s details. This includes a phone number and access code. If you need to contact the customer, you’ll need to enter that code to be put through to them. This is to protect their data. 

The ticket also clearly states at the top if cash needs to be collected or whether the customer has already paid.

Completed orders

You can see any past orders by tapping ‘Show completed’ at the bottom of the order list. You’ll also see the status of those orders: Delivered, Cancelled or Out for delivery.

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