How does it work?

Customers can order either on our website or by using the Deliveroo app, available on iOS and Android. They simply add their postcode to find your restaurant, choose what they want from your menu and place their order. You accept the order and prepare the food and then carefully package it. Once it's all ready to go, a Deliveroo rider will pick it up and bring it to the customer. The customer can track the progress of their order through the Deliveroo app.

Why is Deliveroo the best delivery partner to work with?

No one does that dish quite like you. No one does delivery quite like us. When you work with Deliveroo, you're working with the original food delivery company.

Who handles the deliveries?

With a fleet of our own delivery riders, we’ll have your customer’s order to their door in an average of 32 minutes.

How far do you deliver?

We're all about quality so we have a set delivery radius that ensures your food is never in transit for longer then it needs to be.

How much does it cost?

We charge a service fee on every sale for delivering the order and handling all customer service.

What other restaurants are featured on the platform?

We personally curate a high-quality and diverse selection of restaurants in your area. This can range from a top neighbourhood Italian trattoria to well-regarded national burger chain.

What kind of marketing do we do?

Marketing is one of the biggest benefits of joining the platform with tailored campaigns for your restaurant and exposure to our hungry customers every day.

When will I know if my restaurant has been accepted?
We do our best to let you know if your application was successful within  7 days of applying.  

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