Some restaurants we work with report problems keeping their tablets connected to the internet during working hours. 

We hear things like:

  • My app closes even when we are meant to be open
  • The tablet disconnects all the time, but all my other devices connect

It’s frustrating, but we've got some solutions for you to try.

Troubleshooting connectivity problems

Check your time zone

If the tablet’s time zone is incorrect, the Deliveroo app can open and close randomly. To fix this, go to your tablet Settings (note: these aren't the same as Deliveroo settings). Tap Date and Time. Select ‘London’ as the time zone and have ‘automatic date and time’ set to ‘network provided’. 

Check your router 

  • Your antenna should point sideways for the best signal. If you have multiple antennae, it’s always best to point one antenna horizontal and the other one vertical. 
  • Try and keep your router away from walls and metal surfaces, they can sometimes interfere with the signal.
  • Same with other electronics.
  • Keep your router on a shelf, in a central location, not on the floor.    

Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

If you can’t move the router to improve your connection, talk to your service provider about a wifi signal booster for your router. 

Check for authentication errors

An error on your wifi list like the one below means you haven’t entered your network passwork correctly. Go to your tablet Settings then Wifi. Tap on the network display the error. Tap ‘Forget’ to forget the network and reconnect with the correct password. Your wifi password is usually on a label on the side of your router. If you have trouble finding it, please consult your ISP. Remember that passwords are case sensitive.

Public networks or shared wifi

If you use a public wifi network or you share the same wifi with your customers, you might not have enough capacity to run Deliveroo. Too many users on your network can cause the tablet to freeze, run slowly or not connect at all.

If you’re still having trouble connecting, feel free to reach out. We’ll always try and fix whatever we can, but most of the time it’s a question of your network strength which unfortunately, only your internet provider can resolve. 

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