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Introducing our new Plus Proposition
Introducing our new Plus Proposition

On May 1st, we're re-launching Plus Gold with enhanced benefits, alongside a brand new invite-only tier, Plus Diamond.

Written by Shanice-Daniella Midda
Updated over a week ago

From the 1st of May 2024, we will be taking our Plus programme to the next level by introducing a revamped Plus Gold and an exclusive new tier, Plus Diamond . Aimed at providing our customers with even more value, an improved service and exclusive perks.

NEW Plus Gold

To help make sure Deliveroo’s Plus Gold members get the best value for money they will be able to access even more benefits, including, 10% credit back on every eligible order over £30. So if they spend £30, they’ll get £3 back in their Deliveroo account to use on their next order (funded by Deliveroo). Meaning Plus Gold members will now be able to save even more every time they order. They will also be able to stack their credits to save for a future order. All new benefits will be available for the current subscription fee price of £7.99 a month. Below outlines the upcoming changes for Plus Gold in the UK, we will also be making equivalent changes to the Plus Gold proposition in Ireland.

What’s changing?

  • NEW 10% Credit Back: Earn 10% credit back on eligible delivery orders above £30

  • On-Time Promise: Claim £5 back as credit if your order arrives later than expected.

  • Minimum spend at restaurants and stores: We are increasing the minimum spend for orders from grocers and stores from £10 to £15. The minimum spend for restaurants will stay at £10.

Here’s a reminder of all the great benefits Plus Gold members will have access to:

  • Discounted service fees

    • Meaning Gold members won’t pay a service fee higher than £1.49, on any eligible order.

  • Access exclusive offers, exclusively for Plus customers

    • Including special discounts, offers and free items from local favourites.

  • Save even more with Plus rewards

    • Plus members get even more value from Rewards - by placing 3 orders over £15 at a participating restaurant, they get £8 off their next order at the same restaurant.

NEW TIER - Plus Diamond

We are adding a brand new premium tier to our Plus architecture, launching in the UK on May 1st (we are not launching in Ireland). Plus Diamond is priced at £19.99 and is an invite-only proposition designed with our top customers in mind. We are radically levelling up our service and selection through a range of new benefits.

What are the benefits?

Plus Diamond membership will include all Gold benefits, as well as;

  • Free Priority Delivery on every eligible order

  • Members-only Experiences; invite-only events, and exclusive restaurants and shops

  • On-Time Promise giving your full order value back as credit if it arrives >10min late

  • Dedicated customer care with a direct line to premium care agents

Other changes to be aware of:

  • Introduction of extended delivery fee for long distance partners: Some of our partners are further away, and our riders need to go the extra mile to get these orders to our customers. For these deliveries, we will now be charging all of our customers a small extended delivery fee, so these ‘long distance’ orders will no longer be eligible for free delivery. This fee will be discounted, exclusively for Plus customers, so they’ll pay less than other Deliveroo customers.

How does this impact me as a Partner?

Deliveroo will be funding all new benefits across Gold and Diamond, including, credit-driven benefits like 10% Credit Back and On-Time Promise.

As we continue to look to offer our Plus customers even bigger offers and discounts, there will be opportunities for Partners to be a part of exclusive Plus offers campaign throughout 2024.

When are these changes taking place?

From May 1st 2024, we’re launching new Plus Gold benefits to all members in the UK and Ireland and launching Plus Diamond to eligible customers in the UK only.

What’s next?

As we move towards becoming a Plus-first business, we will continue to invest in new ways to showcase the Plus value proposition. We have more exciting plans in the pipeline - watch this space!

For more information please reach out to your account manager or to the team in the help section on Hub.

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