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Joining Tasty Thursday (UKI & UAE)
Joining Tasty Thursday (UKI & UAE)

Learn about how you can sign up to take part in Tasty Thursday.

Written by Ash H
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About Tasty Thursday

Tasty Thursday is our brilliant ongoing campaign, letting you enjoy marketing support that puts you in front of millions of customers nationwide, boosts order volume and expands your customer base.

Once you’ve opted in, you’ll see Tasty Thursday promoted in the Deliveroo app, through local newsletters, email, push notifications and on our social media channels.

How do I sign up?

You can easily sign up for our Tasty Thursday campaign in the Marketer section of Hub.

  1. Simply scroll down to ‘Upcoming Deliveroo offers’ and click on ‘Join offer’.

  2. Select which of your sites will take part in the offer

  3. Choose the duration you want to run the offer for e.g. every Thursday for the rest of the month

  4. Click ‘Join offer’ to confirm

Once you’ve joined the offer click on ‘edit details’ to make changes. You can edit the participating sites and the duration of the offer.

Benefits of joining

Extra visibility

With 4.4 million weekly customer visits, participating in our national offers means enjoying increased visibility and awareness.

Notifications and reminders

We send emails and push notifications to almost 8 million customers every week, making sure our offers are always top of mind.

Influencer activity

We work with top influencers on TikTok to spread the word.

Reach engaged customers

44% of customers also say that Tasty Thursday makes them more likely to order on a Thursday.

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