Customer Champions is our reward scheme for restaurants. We'll let you know via Hub or an email if you are eligible for our Customer Champions benefits.

These benefits are available for three months after you become eligible. In approximately three months, we will let you know if you are eligible to receive benefits again.

E.g. If we communicate eligibility at the start of November, your benefits would be available until the end of January.

Find out more about becoming a Customer Champion and read our Customer Champions terms.

1. How to redeem your free menu photoshoot

  • Log into Hub

  • Go to 'Help'

  • Select 'Photography' as a topic

  • Then select 'Request a photoshoot'

  • Reference ‘Customer Champions’ when you're asked for more information

  • Click 'Submit'

The Photography Policy applies to your use of this perk. Photoshoots must be booked within two months of your eligibility date.

If you have already had a free photoshoot within the last two months, i.e. if you had a photoshoot in November, you would not be eligible to have an extra Customer Champions photoshoot in January.

You will receive a call from our photography partners Meero (UK) or BOOM (France) to schedule a shoot.

Email updates will be from and

2. How to redeem your Marketer Adverts credit

  • Log into Hub

  • Under the 'Marketer' header, select 'Adverts'

  • Create an advert using the 'Create new' button

  • We will reimburse you against your spend for each week that your campaign is live, up to a maximum of £100 / €100 inclusive of VAT. This can take up to a few weeks from your eligibility date.

Apply to your use of Marketer Adverts. Credit will be applied via a rebate to each applicable invoice. Find out more about Marketer in our Terms and Conditions.

3. More visibility on Deliveroo

No action from you is needed - we will highlight your restaurant to customers. This could take the form of:

  • Our marketing banner at the top of the app. Here’s an example of how it could look:

Terms and conditions apply, read our full terms:

  • The designs are subject to change over time

  • We run several marketing campaigns over the course of the year

  • Additional terms and conditions may apply to the use of particular perks where specified

  • We may rotate the marketing banners we display in order to showcase all our ongoing initiatives to customers

  • All perks are time limited, non-transferable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable and no cash alternative is available

  • The Customer Champions Programme and associated perks are made available by Deliveroo to selected partners only, does not form part of any services agreement with partners and are provided “as is” and “as available” from time to time

  • Deliveroo may remove or suspend a partner from the programme in the event of any actual or suspected breach by that partner of the programme rules, additional terms and conditions of the requirements or its services agreements with Deliveroo

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