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More information about Customer Champions
More information about Customer Champions
Find out more about our new reward scheme for local restaurants
Written by Adam S-R
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'Customer Champions' is our reward scheme, set up to celebrate local restaurants that consistently give customers a great experience.

How can I become a Customer Champion?

The scheme is currently only open to restaurant partners in UKI and France who have fewer than 19 sites and have been on the platform for at least 56 days.

Restaurants that use their own delivery drivers (Marketplace+) are not currently eligible.

We'll determine eligibility roughly every three months (from 1 November 2021). How we do this, and the rewards available is subject to change over time, as Customer Champions evolves.

To become a Customer Champion, you must achieve the following as at the day we determine eligibility:

  • Rejections: < 0.5%

  • Missing and incorrect items: < 1%

  • Star rating: >=4.5 out of 5

  • Orders prepared late: < 3%

  • FSA rating: >=4, or PASS for Scotland

  • Last 30 day order volume: >= 25 orders

You can find out how you're doing in Restaurant Hub, see below

'Where you could improve'

This section shows you areas for improvement, mostly from the last 28 days. It shows where customers might not be getting the best experience with you.

The only exception is for star ratings, which are an average over your entire time with us.

'Where you're doing well'

This section shows you metrics from the last 28 days that are positive signs of customer satisfaction - happy customers!

When does Deliveroo decide if I'm eligible?

We calculate eligibility roughly every three months.

If you miss out this time, don't worry, work on your scores and you may be eligible to become a Customer Champion and receive rewards in the next round.

How will I find out if I’m eligible?

If you're live for more than 56 days, a local partner and have fewer than 19 sites, we'll send you an email roughly every three months, outlining your perks and how to redeem them.

If everything is 'green' (see above) we'll send you an email notifying you that you're eligible for Customer Champion benefits.

How can I improve my restaurant’s metrics?

More information on these metrics, and tips to improve performance can be found here.

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