Creating your in-store menu

Your menu for Table Service doesn't need to be the same as your delivery menu.

First you'll need to log in to Restaurant Hub and access Menu Manager to create your in-store menu.

  • Update any items available both in-house and for delivery

  • If want to offer different menu items in-house, add these to your menu and select ‘In-store price’

Downloading your Table Service signage

To help customers to use Table Service, you can download your unique QR code from Restaurant Hub.

When customers scan this code, it will take them directly to your menu on Deliveroo.

Print and stick your QR code so that customers can scan it.

  • Go to Restaurant Hub

  • Select ‘Settings’

  • Then download the ‘QR code’

How Deliveroo's Table Service works

We recommend explaining how to access Table Service. To help you with this, we’ve created posters which you download below. We'll also send these to you in a 'Getting started with Table Service' email.

How customers can find and use Table Service in the Deliveroo app

  1. Customer selects Table Service, next to Delivery and Pickup

  2. Adds your in-store menu items to their basket

  3. When completing the order, they select their table number

This order will then appear on your tablet or POS device, as with other Deliveroo orders.

We’ll keep the customer updated on the progress of their order, until your staff arrive at the table with their order.

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