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Frequently asked questions about Rewards
Frequently asked questions about Rewards

More information about 'Rewards', our digital stamp card program which lets partners reward their most loyal customers.

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Rewards is Deliveroo's digital stamp card, helping you to reward your most valuable customers and encourage them to order even more often from you.

Rewards makes your business more visible to our customers too, including valuable 'Plus' customers.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up to Rewards right now in the Marketer section of Hub.

Click on ‘Join Rewards now’ and choose which of your sites you'd like to participate in the program.

What is Plus?

Plus is our subscription membership programme.

Customers pay a monthly subscription fee in return for unlimited free delivery over a specified minimum order value.

Why reward Plus customers?

Compared to other Deliveroo customers, on average Plus customers make twice as many orders, so they’re the perfect customers to acquire.

How does Rewards work for my customers? (in GBP - see other currencies in the table below)

After placing a qualifying order over £15 (excluding fees and tips) with you, customers will automatically earn their first 'stamp' (1/3).

Your customer then has 30 days to place two more qualifying orders (2/3), to complete their stamp card (3/3) and earn a Reward on their next purchase from you.

Once Customers have completed the stamp card, they have 30 days to redeem a £6 Reward.

Plus customers are able to redeem an £8 reward and non-Plus customers can redeem £6.

Rewards by market

Qualifying order (1/3)

Plus customer Reward (3/3)

non-Plus customer Reward (3/3)

United Kingdom




United Arab Emirates

40 AED







Hong Kong




















Can I run Marketer offers as well as Rewards? (in GBP)

Yes, you can.

Customers can earn 'stamps' on their orders, if the order value was £15 (excluding fees and tips, see above table) or more before the offer value.

I have restaurant sites in different areas, can I opt all of these into the Rewards programme?

We recommend offering Rewards across all open sites - especially in areas (we call these 'zones') where a customer might see multiple sites in the app.

However, you can launch with single sites if you’d rather.

How will Reward redemptions show on my invoice and Deliveroo order receipts? (in GBP)

The reward incentive will be listed as a payment adjustment on your invoice.

On the order receipts the reward will show as an £8 or £6 voucher - see above table for non GBP)

What happens if I need to close my business while I’m running Rewards?

Please refer to the Rewards Terms and conditions for full details.

To ensure that customers who’ve started a Rewards card are not unfairly prejudiced, if you opt-out from Rewards, you need to give at least 30 days’ notice.

Can I see how many stamps a customer has earned rewards on my Deliveroo tablet?

This won't show on your tablet, we'll provide you with a full report with all this information on a monthly basis.

Can a customer complete multiple cards in a month from one partner?

Yes! As soon as a customer redeems a Reward they can start a new stamp card.

How do customers sign-up for Plus?

Customers can sign up for Plus in app or on our website.

Can I promote Rewards outside the Deliveroo app?


How can I opt out of the programme?

You can manage your participation in Rewards in the Marketer section of Hub - either leave Rewards completely or change the sites that are signed up.

For the best customer experience, make sure that you're able to commit to Rewards for at least 90 days.

If you opt out of Rewards, you will still need to fund Rewards where customers have started a 'stamp card' (1/3) and redeem any Rewards (3/3) they've earned.

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