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Our algorithm decides which customers are targeted with your adverts, and where your advert sits in the Featured section of the app.

We always aim to give you the best possible results for your budget. To do that, we'll show your advert to the customers we think are the most likely to place an order – for example, if they’ve ordered a similar cuisine before.

This helps us look after your budget as well as prioritise different adverts.

How you’re charged

When you create an advert, we ask you to set an overall budget. This is the maximum you’ll spend.

You’ll also set how much you want to pay for each menu view. This is your cost-per-menu-view. It plays an important role in how your advert will compete with other adverts (more on this below).

Each time a customer taps on your advert and views your menu, we’ll deduct the cost-per-view from your overall budget.

Making your advert more competitive

If you set a higher cost-per-view, your advert could be more prominent in the Featured section of the app, which is likely to generate more menu views.

This could mean that your budget gets used up faster, however it’s also likely more customers will see the advert, even if they don’t view your menu.

If you set a lower cost-per-view, your advert could be shown further along in the Featured section of the app.

This could give you fewer menu views and reduce the effectiveness of your advert.

It’s possible that your advert might not appear – either because your cost-per-view is too low, or because your advert is not relevant to enough customers.

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