POS is an acronym for ‘Point of sale’, meaning your til or payment tablet. Deliveroo allows you connect this with your Deliveroo menu.

Menu integration is separate from our Menu Manager tool, which can be used to create and edit your Deliveroo menu in Restaurant Hub.

How do I request POS integration?

You can submit a request using by using the below link.

  1. Confirm every item on your Deliveroo menu has a PLU added for each site you want integrated. See ‘Adding PLUs or product IDs to your Deliveroo menu’ below. You can find out more about PLUs from your POS or till software provider

  2. Get your POS location ID from your POS or till software provider for any site(s) you want to integrate with

  3. Log in to Restaurant Hub to find the Deliveroo Restaurant ID for any site(s) you want to integrate with

Make sure you have the above information before requesting integration. We need this information to connect your restaurant with Deliveroo’s API.

Many partners choose to integrate with Deliveroo’s API for ease and simplicity.

If your POS is integrated, this means orders flow directly from the Deliveroo app into your till.

Staff no longer need to manually enter orders into the till and your stock can also be automatically accounted for.

If your menu is integrated, this means your Deliveroo menu is controlled directly from the till.

Adding PLUs or product IDs to your Deliveroo menu

Updating your PLUs depends on how your menu is managed, your menu can be managed in one of two ways.

1. Menu Manager

If you manage your menu using Restaurant Hub:

  • Log in to Hub

  • Go to Menu and select ‘Edit’

  • Select the three dots to the right of your menu cover photo ⋮

  • “Add point of sale PLUs”

  • Add or correct your PLUs

  • Select ‘Save’

  • Then ‘Publish’

2. Through your till system’s API

If your menu is managed via an API integration, please reach out to your POS or ‘middleware’ provider for help editing your menu.

POS order error messages and what to do

It’s rare for your POS integration to fail, this means your orders won’t flow through to your till. Below are some steps to help you troubleshoot any problems if this happens.

Error message 1: “Check that this order was sent to the POS - enter it manually if needed”

If you lose internet connection while an order is processing, this can cause the integration to fail - this is caused by a ‘timeout’ error, and you'll see the above message on your POS.

If you see this error message for 3 orders in a row, please reach out to your POS or IT partner as this needs to be resolved from their side.

Resolving Error message 1

  • Check your POS to see if the order made it onto your system

  • If yes - press ‘OK’ on the tablet.

  • If no - enter the order manually to POS

  • Then click ‘OK’ on the tablet

  • If you get this error message for 3 consecutive orders please reach out to your POS or IT partner

  • If not, please resume as normal

Error message 2: “Something went wrong - you need to manually enter this order into the POS”

Errors can also be caused by missing or incorrect PLUs (Product Id's) for one of the items in an order - see "Adding PLUs or product IDs to your Deliveroo menu" above.

When you see the error message "Something went wrong - you need to manually enter this order into the POS" it means there is a problem with the PLUs on your menu.

Please check that each item on your menu has a PLU before reaching out to support.

Resolving Error message 2

  • Enter this order manually into POS

  • Click ‘OK’ on the tablet

  • Check that every item on your menu has a PLU

  • If every item has a PLU but you are still receiving this error, please contact integrations support by using ‘Help’ in Restaurant Hub

The POS & menu integrations team does not handle printer or tablet issues. These issues need to be resolved through a Restaurant Hub ‘Help’ query.

Find out more about getting help in Hub.

Frequently asked questions

How can I check the status of my POS integration?

We’ll enable your POS integration weekly on Tuesday provided you’ve submitted a request and provided all the information we need. Please see “How do I request POS integration?” for more information.

If there was an issue with your request, or missing information we’ll send you an email to help resolve this.

How do I know if my restaurant is integrated?

If your restaurant is POS integrated, once orders are accepted they flow directly into your restaurant’s till.

If the integration is working, staff aren’t required to manually enter orders. If POS integration fails, your tablet will alert and staff will need to enter orders manually.

If your restaurant is menu integrated, your Deliveroo menu can be controlled directly from your till. This means you don’t need to use Restaurant Hub to edit your menu.

If I change my menu, will it ‘break’ the integration?

No, once your POS integration is set up it stays enabled, unless you request that we disable it.

Do I need a tablet if I have an POS integration?

Yes - we don’t currently offer POS integration without a tablet.

You’re required to have a tablet even if integrated. This is because restaurant opening and closing is still controlled using your tablet.

Your tablet is also a backup system, to capture orders for fulfillment in the event the integration fails

My tablet or printer isn’t working

If your Deliveroo printer isn’t working, you can reach the Maintenance and Repair teams via Hub, using the ‘Help’ feature.

If your POS or kitchen printer is not working, please reach out to your POS or ‘middleware’ provider for help.

Can I turn off the "Scheduled for later" option for all integrations?

Yes, you can disable scheduled orders. Please contact us via a Restaurant Hub ‘Help’ query.

Can I disable the “notes” field on our integrated sites?

Yes, you can disable “notes”. Please contact us via a Restaurant Hub ‘Help’ query.

Can I set or change our opening hours using the Deliveroo API?

Currently we’re unable to control opening and closing hours via the API.

You can set opening hours in Restaurant Hub.

Can I open or close my restaurant using the API?

Currently it’s not possible to control opening and closing hours via the API.

You can control your restaurant opening and closing times using Restaurant Hub, or by switching your tablet on or off.

Can I push a discount on a menu via the API?

No, you can’t configure discounts via the API.

You can create offers and promotions with Marketer, accessed by logging in to Restaurant Hub.

Important: Total-basket discounts are compatible for all integrated sites.

Currently, not all POS integrations are compatible with item-specific discounts, free item and Deliveroo Plus offers - please check with your POS provider to see if these discount types will be supported.

Can I push a site to be integrated via the API?

No, you cannot push sites to integrate directly to the API.

You will need to submit an integration request above, or talk to the team using Restaurant Hub’s ‘Help’ or chat features.

If you have any other questions, please submit a request through the ‘Help’ page in Restaurant Hub. Here is an overview of how to submit a support request in Restaurant Hub.

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