In Australia, Deliveroo partners now have a fast, easy way to comply with government regulations around COVID-19 preparedness and social distancing.

Table Service is a contact-free way to order and pay that delivers contactless dining experiences and enhanced safety.

Register your interest to be one of the first restaurants to offer Deliveroo’s Table Service. The best part: it’s available for all restaurant partners at 0% commission, with a 2% service fee.

What does Table Service look like on the Deliveroo app?

At the top of the app, where they usually choose between Delivery or Pickup, they will now see a third option called Table Service.

By completing an order in Table Service, they will see several screens confirming this is for a dine-in experience and the order will be completed as normal.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the customer experience:

Orders will appear as normal on your tablet, with a dine-in time for preparation.

You will see a table number assigned to these orders - prominently displayed at the top of the order ticket.

Here’s an example of the Deliveroo tablet showing a Table Service order:

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I offer different menus for Delivery, Pickup and Table Service?

You will be able to offer one menu across all channels: Delivery, Pickup and Table Service.

2. How will my staff know when orders have been placed via Table Service?

Orders appear as normal on your tablet (see above), with a dine-in time for preparation.

You'll see a table number assigned to these orders - prominently displayed at the top of the order ticket.

3. How will Table Service orders appear in my pay statements?

Table Service orders will be clearly flagged as separate from Delivery or Pickup orders on your invoices.

4. How can I request marketing signage for my restaurant to help customers navigate the Table Service experience?

Simply click here to gain access to our Table Service digital signage package.

5. Who's responsible for age verification checks for age restricted products sold on Table Service?

You're responsible for making sure age restricted products aren't made available to minors in store, through Table Service orders.

You'll need to carry out age verification checks before making orders available to customers, in line with your usual dine-in processes.

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