In the UK and Ireland, Deliveroo partners now have a fast, easy way to comply with government regulations around COVID-19 preparedness and social distancing.

We wanted to help our partners to reopen with a safer Table Service experience for staff and customers alike, automating payment experiences via the Deliveroo app.

Table Service is a contact-free way to order and pay that delivers contactless dining experiences and enhanced safety.

2% service fee applies on Table Service and Pickup orders.

We’ll use this information to send you free restaurant signage too, helping your customers to navigate their way through a new dine-in experience.

What does Table Service look like on the Deliveroo app?

At the top of the app, where they usually choose between Delivery or Pickup, they will now see a third option called Table Service.

By completing an order in Table Service, they will see several screens confirming this is for a dine-in experience and the order will be completed as normal.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the customer experience:

Orders will appear as normal on your tablet, with a dine-in time for preparation.

You will see a table number assigned to these orders - prominently displayed at the top of the order ticket.

Here’s an example of the Deliveroo tablet showing a Table Service order:

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I offer different menus for Delivery, Pickup and Table Service?

You will be able to offer one menu across all channels: Delivery, Pickup and Table Service.

2. Will my Delivery prices be what customers see on the app for Table Service & Pickup?

After you register your interest we ask that you submit new prices, the same as your in store ones.

Although you're able to offer a different price from your existing Delivery menu, your prices for Table Service & Pickup should be the same.

If you don't provide us with your Table Service & Pickup prices we'll assume that you're happy to offer your Delivery prices Table Service & Pickup at the same price as your deliveries.

To make Table Service & Pickup orders a great customer experience, we ask that you share your prices so customers know how much you expect them to pay.

3. How will my staff know when orders have been placed via Table Service?

Orders appear as normal on your tablet (see above), with a dine-in time for preparation.

You'll see a table number assigned to these orders - prominently displayed at the top of the order ticket.

4. How will Table Service orders appear in my pay statements?

Table Service orders will be clearly flagged as separate from Delivery or Pickup orders on your invoices.

5. How can I request marketing signage for my restaurant to help customers navigate the Table Service experience?

For existing restaurants, admin users will be able to request signage via Hub.

If you sign up for Table Service you will be sent signage automatically.

6. Does Table Service support the UK government’s Test and Trace initiative?

Yes, should you need it we can provide you with a list of customers who’ve dined at your restaurant using Table Service.

7. Does Table Service support the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme?

Yes, we're proud to support the UK government scheme. For more details, eligibility criteria and to register, and you can visit Eat Out to Help Out page.

8. Who's responsible for age verification checks for age restricted products sold on Table Service?

You're responsible for making sure age restricted products aren't made available to minors in store, through Table Service orders.

You'll need to carry out age verification checks before making orders available to customers, in line with your usual dine-in processes.

If you have an Account Manager, you can also speak to them to request signage.

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