Pairing an external printer with your Handheld Restaurant device (Sunmi)

We recommend that you print off every order to avoid incorrect or missed orders. If you don’t want to use the integrated printer on your device, you are able to pair the Sunmi device with any bluetooth-compatible printer.

Below we have listed the most popular receipt printers that are bluetooth enabled and that you can use to print off orders from your Sunmi device.

Please note: We do not guarantee compatibility nor provide support for these external devices.

As compatibility is always dependent on your specific set-up (including but not limited to your internet connection, firewall settings and in-house POS system) we recommend that, where possible, a professional installs and configures your printer according to your network environment.

Printing orders from your Live Orders page

As you can accept orders via your Live Orders page from any device, you will be able to print these orders on any printer connected to your WiFi network/set-up environment.

For example, if you are accepting your orders on an Android device, you will be able to use any printer connected to this device to print your orders. If you're accepting orders on your office PC, you will be able to use any printer connected to the WiFi network your PC is using.

Which printer you connect your device to ultimately depends on your preference for receipt size. The table above lists some popular receipt printers.

Please note: While we are able to confirm that Live Orders works with most printers, we are not able to test every single printer/device combination to ensure compatibility.

There might be cases where certain printer/device combinations are incompatible. Please consult a technician before making any purchasing decisions and download the correct drivers for your device.

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