On 11th May, the government published detailed guidance for businesses - including restaurants - to work safely during this crisis. This is intended to support those staying open during lockdown or planning to reopen.

You can read more information about reopening safely and profitably in our guide.

Can I re-open now?

The UK government continues to explicitly state that restaurant kitchens can remain open to provide takeaways and delivery.

What about dine-in?

The earliest date currently suggested is 4 July, likely under limited conditions.

How do I comply with safety guidelines?

All businesses should conduct a risk safety assessment.

What do I need to do to keep everyone safe?

Where possible, maintain 2m social distancing. Where this cannot be followed (e.g. chefs in a kitchen), take mitigating actions, like increasing hand washing.

  • Read more about setting up your restaurant for safe social distancing, as well as mandatory measures hygiene practices for delivery services.

What about the furlough scheme?

The government’s Job Retention Scheme (furlough) will remain open until 31st of October, but workers will be able to return to work part-time with employers paying a percentage towards the salaries of furloughed staff from August.

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