When will this be available for my restaurant?
Weekly payments will become available to all restaurants by 9 April. We'll let you know by email once it is live for your business. 

Note: Due to bank processing times and time-zone differences, you may receive your first payment the following working day.

How many days of arrears will there be?
There will be no days in arrears.

How long will weekly payments be available for?
Weekly payments will be available until the end of June. We will then go back to your usual payment cycle.

Will there be a fee for restaurants to receive weekly payments?
No, there will be no fee to receive weekly payments until the end of June. 

What if the first payment is in the middle of an existing payment cycle, what can I expect to be paid?
The first payment a restaurant receives will be equal to all the due amount from the payment cycle to date.

Why are you offering weekly payments now?
COVID-19 has placed exceptional strain on the restaurant industry. We hope that by offering weekly payments and giving you faster access to your delivery revenue we can help you with your cash flow.

How will the refunds process work with this new approach?
The refund process will continue to work in the same way and be clearly applied and explained within your weekly invoice - available on Restaurant Hub.

Refunds will still be assigned to restaurants where it is clear that a preparation issue caused the negative consumer experience. Refunds will be applied to the restaurant’s next payment after the refund is issued to the customer.

You will also continue to have 72 hours to contest a refund. If a weekly payment occurs prior to the refund being successfully contested, it will be added to a restaurant’s next payment as a ‘Restaurant Credit'.

How will onboarding fees work with this new approach?
We will continue to deduct onboarding fees over a 60 day period as we do under our usual payment process. 

Instead of collecting onboarding fees every two weeks, we’ll be collecting a pro-rated smaller proportion weekly. 

When will this be available for my restaurant and will we receive emails containing an invoice?

Not in the short term; invoices will be available via Restaurant Hub.

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