Effective 1st April 2020, we've changed how frequently we pay you. Moving from the 1st and the 16th of each month, to daily payments as part of measures to support our restaurant partners during uncertainty caused by COVID-19. 

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Why are you offering daily payments now?

COVID-19 has placed exceptional strain on the restaurant industry. We hope that by offering daily payments and giving you faster access to your delivery revenue we can help you with your cash flow.

How often will payments be made?
Payments will be made daily. You can see your Deliveroo statement every day in Restaurant Hub, reflecting your delivery takings from the day before.

Log in to Restaurant Hub to view statements and invoices.

When will this be available for my restaurant?  

Daily payments will be available to all UK restaurants by 1 April 2020. We'll let you know by email once it is live for your business.

Which restaurants are eligible for daily payments?
All UK restaurants are eligible, roll out will start on Tuesday 24th with UK restaurants transitioned to daily payments by the end of the normal billing cycle on 1st April.

How long will daily payments be available for?
This is a temporary change to provide cash liquidity and support our restaurants in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Daily payments will be available until the UK Government's measures related to the COVID-19 outbreak end.

Are there any new fees related to daily payments?

No, we won't charge any fees for daily payments for the first 90 days.

How many days of arrears will there be and what happens to orders placed after midnight?
Payouts will be daily with one business day of arrears, which means payout will be for yesterday's midnight to midnight period. e.g. Wednesday's payout will be for Tuesday 00:00 - 23:59. 

Orders placed after midnight will be paid in the following day's payout. The exception to this are weekends and public holiday payments: 

  • You’ll receive payments for Friday, Saturday and Sunday orders on a Monday. 
  • For public holidays, you’ll receive two days’ payments the day after the public holiday (as long as that isn’t a weekend).

What if the first payment is in the middle of an existing payment cycle, what can I expect to be paid?

This feature will be rolled out to restaurants on an ongoing basis until 1st April. 

The first payment a restaurant receives will be equal to all the due amount from the payment cycle to date e.g. since 16 March.

A restaurant moving to daily payments on Wednesday 25th will receive a payout to include 16 March through to Tuesday 24th. 

Where can we access our invoices?
All invoices will be accessible via your Restaurant Hub Invoices tab

Will I receive an email containing the invoice?
No, invoices will be available via Restaurant Hub.

Having trouble logging in to Hub? Here's a handy guide.

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