1. Can you fund marketer offers in the coming days to help us maintain some volume?

Unfortunately we cannot provide funding for Marketer offers during this period of uncertainty. We will continue to support our restaurant partners in other ways as the situation progresses. Here are a few other ways you can reach more customers: 

  • Update your menu - you can request big changes such as updating new prices or adding dishes with our partner support team.

  • Add and edit photos - great photos help to sell your dishes and set you apart on Deliveroo. We encourage you to provide photography for at least 10% of your menu - it can boost your orders by around 12%.

  • Update your opening times - you can use your tablet to schedule your days off, for any other changes to your opening times - permanent or temporary

2. How can I increase my visibility in app/to customers?

Some easy steps to grow your business and increase in app discoverability are: 

  • Ensure your tablet is on and consider extending your scheduled opening hours to be visible to more customers throughout the day

  • Link your website and social media channels to your Deliveroo brand landing page and let your existing customers know that you are still open for delivery via Deliveroo

  • Run Marketer offers targeting new or existing customers via Restaurant hub

  • Add menu item images and descriptions to convert customers who click on your menu

  • Ensure orders are prepared on time and there are no food quality and accuracy issues so that customer re-order from your restaurant

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