Overview: Converting existing restaurants into best practice, delivery-only operations
Part one: Best practice delivery-only operations - physical set up
Part two: Organising staff and other personnel - welfare and responsibilities
Part four: Staffing guidelines for delivery-only restaurant service

How can you provide comfort to customers that the operations uphold the highest levels of safety?

Strong hygiene practices are fundamental to maintaining quality and customer trust - in the current environment these need to be further strengthened.

In a delivery-only environment, the role of packaging and responsiveness to non face-to-face customer enquiries becomes more central to building customer trust.

Instil even stronger hygiene practices for all basics: 

Cleaning, hand-washing, and face masks:

  • Wash hands every 15 minutes, using an alarm reminder system

  • Sanitise all hand contact surfaces (dispatch tables, door knobs) every 30 mins

  • Deep clean stores at least weekly

  • Buy a thermometer for the team to use, in-ear models are easy but effective and low-cost

  • Place all info posters in places that chefs can read and see frequently

Rider hygiene:

  • Make facilities, such as your front of house bathrooms, with soap available to riders to help them maintain the strongest hygiene practices. 

  • Where possible, make hand sanitiser and disinfectant stations available for the cleaning of rider thermal bags (including disinfectant, paper towels and disposal facilities)

  • When a rider collects food from your restaurant, ensure that they put the food straight into a thermal bag before they leave the restaurant. Again, it is vital that food is protected from any potentially infectious material. 

  • Screening staff and external visitors for health indicators

  • Include a daily questionnaire for all team and any visitors to complete before access to the restaurant staff-only areas and kitchen

  • Report sickness and keep track of any team members that are off

Rapid flow of information:

  • Communication of possible contamination is critical to preventing contagion. Please immediately notify us using Live Chat or using the 'Help �' tab in the left-hand navigation of Restaurant Hub if one of your staff has symptoms of coronavirus or have contracted the virus. 

  • This will allow us to get in touch with any riders who were in your restaurant at that time, so we can check whether they are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus. We have dedicated teams in each market to deal with these cases.


Use packaging and food presentation as the voice of your restaurant
Invest in something that sends a positive message about the situation.

  • Ensure all packaging is sealed, double-bagged, and tamper proof. 

  • Use tape, and/or stickers to seal before placing the order on the delivery table. This will limit any potentially infectious airborne material from coming in contact with food during delivery. 

  • We also encourage you to double bag delivery orders so that food is kept safe inside before it is handed to the customer. Deliveroo will make stickers available to you should you need them.

  • Include messaging around safety credentials: Tell customers how their food has been handled and tell them about your kitchen's high standards. Guide them to a web landing page giving more info. 


Be responsive to customer queries

  • Ensure Order Coordinator is prompt in answering the phone for customer concerns 

  • Personalise the bag with a specific message e.g. leaflet inserts for first time users.

We thank you for your collaboration in these circumstances in which extreme precautions are fundamental to our ability to serve customers safely and support the overriding interest of safeguarding public health. We will continue to develop these policies as this situation develops.

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