Overview: Converting existing restaurants into best practice, delivery-only operations
Part two: Organising staff and other personnel - welfare and responsibilities
Part three: Operations for the highest level of safety - hygiene and customer care
Part four: Staffing guidelines for delivery-only restaurant service 

How should stores be set up physically to avoid cross-contamination?

Stores should be set up to implement two principles:

Social distancing
- all restaurant staff and riders should remain 2 metres apart at all times. To this end, the number of riders in store should be limited and individual waiting areas should be marked clearly e.g. using tape on the ground.

Contact-free handoff - all handoffs should be performed without physical contact between restaurant staff and riders (i.e. put the bag on a table, walk away, and then call the rider over to collect).

The store should be rearranged to include six distinct areas:

  • Kitchen and food storage area, where very limited personnel are permitted to access

  • Handoff area 1: Chef to runner (include bell system to alert runner of an order)

  • Staff-only area where runners pack orders for delivery (use hot-holds where feasible)

  • Handoff area 2: Dedicated dispatch tables for contact-free delivery, which also separate the staff-only and rider area. There should be one - table per platform, at least one meter and ideally 2 meters apart from each other

  • Inside rider waiting area: allow only a limited number of riders (e.g. between 2 and 5 pending space), clearly mark waiting spaces in tape, keep well away from food preparation areas 

  • Overflow rider waiting area (outside): clearly mark waiting spaces in tape, place a sign (example below) with directions for riders on the - door of the establishment

In particularly busy sites, we recommend creating a whiteboard or other signage (visible to riders) that the Order Coordinator maintains, showing the order numbers of riders who have arrived, which is crossed off when the orders are ready to collect. 

Where riders are allowed inside restaurants 

Higher volume sites require a higher level of coordination to ensure safe practices. A suggested layout is included below.

Where delivery riders are no longer allowed inside restaurants 

In some areas, governments have instituted measures whereby delivery riders (or any member of the public) are no longer permitted to come inside the restaurant premises at all.

In this case, Handoff Area 2 should be moved to the door of the restaurant, and delivery riders should collect the food straight from the Overflow Rider Waiting Area (outside). If possible, restaurants should maintain hand sanitiser, supplies etc. on the Handoff Area 2 table to enable riders to clean without going inside the site. 

Where delivery and take-away are both allowed

If the restaurant continues to do takeaway, keep a separate lane  for customers, also marked to be compliant with social distancing.

We thank you for your collaboration in these circumstances in which extreme precautions are fundamental to our ability to serve customers safely and support the overriding interest of safeguarding public health. We will continue to develop these policies as this situation develops.

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