Limiting contact when delivering orders will help to keep everyone healthy. We've enabled a new feature which allows customers to select 'contact-free delivery' when they order. 

This means the rider will leave the food at the door, rather than handing over directly. The rider will then step back at least 2 metres and wait nearby for you to collect it

We've prepared guidelines for in-house handover too. We hope that this new tool provides you and our riders with greater safety during this time.

Contact-free collection

  • There must be no physical contact between the restaurant staff and riders when they pick up the bags. 

  • Create dedicated tables/areas for collection for each platform (one table per platform, at least 2 meters apart from each other). 

  • Staff should place the sealed bag on a counter/table, move away from it, and allow the rider to approach the table and pick it up while maintaining safe distances. 

  • When a rider collects food from your restaurant, ensure that they put the food straight into a thermal bag before they leave the restaurant. 

  • It's vital that food is protected from any potentially infectious material. 

Example sign - to be placed in a highly visible location, for riders picking up orders from your restaurant

Rider key messages:

  • Follow the directions of the Restaurant Coordinator

  • Respect the safety distance of at least 2 metres both outside and inside the store

  • Do not enter the store until your number is called

  • When your number is called, enter the Deliveroo-marked waiting area until the store staff have placed your order on the table and walked away 

  • The delivery tables are disinfected regularly

  • If available, use hand sanitizer, or feel free to wash your hands inside

  • Avoid all kinds of contact during orders, both with the restaurant and with the customer

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