We want to help you reach new customers, drive order volume, and keep your existing customers coming back for more.

One way we drive growth for our restaurant partners is with Marketer - our restaurant promotions platform. It allows you to target the customers that matter most to your business. 

In Marketer, you can choose to create two types of offers:

  1. Full menu offer - add a percentage discount to your entire menu, with a minimum spend - great for driving big increases in order volume and new customers
  2. Item-specific offer - select up to 10 items from your menu and add a percentage discount, with a minimum spend - great for promoting high margin items or creating offers for specific meal occasions

Once you’ve chosen the type of promotion you’d like to run, then you can choose the customers you’d like to target:

  • All customers ordering on Deliveroo
  • Deliveroo Plus subscribers who are more likely to remain loyal to you than any other customer group
  • New customers who have never ordered from you before

Save time when planning your promotional calendar by setting up your offers in advance.

Finally, choose when and for how long you want your offer to be live for - and if you have more than one site, which restaurant(s).

You can also create different offers at different restaurant sites, helping you tailor your promotions for the area each restaurant is in.

We collect insights about how your offers are performing, and share these when your offer ends. From menu visits, conversion of customer and how many orders came from from new customers.

Marketer is available to all restaurant partners globally, with the exception of Belgium.

As of May 2020, over 200,000 offers have been created in Marketer, with most participating restaurants returning to create more offers later on.

Restaurants who run a full menu promotion, with a discount of at least 20% on average see a 50% increase in order volume.

New to Marketer?

Three ways you can get the most out of our growth tool: 

1. Target new customers and keep them coming back

With traditional offers, or even social media promotions, there’s no way to know how many of these orders come from new customers. With Marketer, you can be sure your marketing budget focuses exclusively on reaching new audiences.

Restaurants shared concerns with us that new customers would order once and never return.

We looked at our data and we’ve found that customers who discover you through a Marketer offer, are likely to order again at almost an identical rate compared to if they found you any other way.

2. Take part in Deliveroo marketing campaigns

Our marketing teams are working constantly to create a marketing calendar our restaurant partners can get involved in, at no extra cost.

We're here to help you increase your orders, revenue and new customer growth by offering multiple campaigns for you to join - putting your restaurant in front of customers across a range of advertising channels.

We promote your offers through localised newsletters, advertising on our social media channels and special Deliveroo app highlight moments.

Participating restaurants average 54% uplift in orders, 62% uplift in new customers, and 33% revenue growth from a single marketing campaign. 

3. Run an item-specific Flash Deal

Running a deep discount Flash Deal during slow days or times of day, such as a breakfast special or a closing time deal can help to generate interest in your restaurant.

The urgency of a Flash Deal can help quickly shift inventory, reduce food waste and reach new customers.

Need help figuring out what kind of offer to run? We find offers with a low minimum basket value and a high percentage discount perform best, such a 25% off £15 minimum order value (MOV).

Ready to get started? 

We're committed to improving the value that Marketer delivers to our restaurant partners, and this is just the beginning.

We have a team dedicated to making this a better tool for you, so please give us feedback on what you’d like to be able to achieve with Marketer

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